Lotus makes a tribute to one of its main source of inspiration, Kwan Yin a goddess within the Asian countries, also known as the goddess of mercy, compassion and love. Lotus is a vibrant collection full of colorful energy inspired by Kwan Yin, her jewelry and her godliness manners, a collection full of presence, majestic pieces, royalty, and opulence.
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The mandala is an energetic center of equilibrium and purification, it helps to transform the mind and the environment of those who wear them, create them, color them and contemplate their colors and shapes. We live in a world that never stops, we are constantly worrying about what the future might bring, making it hard to find time for mindfulness, to nourish ourselves, and find peace, which is exactly what this permanent collection trying to achieve
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Extravagant Singularity

Extravagant singularity it’s a collection made for those daring women out there that are looking for a way to show their singularity with a touch of gold, a collection full of different jewelry techniques, colors, gemstones to mismatch and play around with.
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