Extravagant Singularly

This collection is the first of the brand, it’s a juxtaposition of what was happening on that time period on the founder’s life, her love for Gustav Klimt, for baroque, and lace come together into the mix with the hipster and instagram movement during 2012.

It’s a very extravagant yet interesting combination that it’s mainly looking to embrace all the facets that you come with, all your singularites and weirdness, all those different sides and tastes that makes that unique you, being proud to show the mess you are with dainty gold lace, sparkly crystals and colorful tassels.

Extravagant singularity it’s a collection made for those daring women out there that are looking for a way to show their singularity with a touch of gold, a collection full of different jewelry techniques, colors, gemstones to mismatch and play around with.